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Dedications… new sounds from old ghosts

Dedications is not an album, it’s one night in 2010. 

In April 2010 the boats went into Irene’s Warehouse studio in Brunswick, Melbourne with Seth Rees (The Spheres, Amplifier Machine) and recorded a live improvisation of several pieces in front of a private audience. 

The idea was to capture the band together before Jona Byron left overseas to live in Berlin for 2 years. The session included some special guests such as Cathryn Kohn on violin and sometimes Seth and Noah Symons would jump up on the piano. 

It was as a particularly moody evening as Jona had just returned from a friend’s funeral in Hobart literally a day before and so there was a lot of emotion in the air, also due to the fact that this would be the band’s last performance for a long time, and no one knew how long. Some of the jams were great and had a good energy such as ‘Don’t sleep, grasp the sky and scream!’ and ‘Falling…landing…leaving’ which was a 10 minute epic originally. 

However, not everything went as planned, there were technical problems causing the recordings to stop and start, rendering many of the takes unusable, and so far the existing material has not yielded any hopes for an album, leaving Byron only a handful of beautiful moments to mix together. However, the result is haunting and melancholic. Soundzoo proudly presents these rare recordings for your listening pleasure.

Dedications is for Rose Lerchbacher who died April 2010. 

Nick Conolly - guitar, piano

Jona Byron - guitar, piano

Paul Guseli - drums

Seth Rees - piano

Cathryn Kohn - violin

Recorded by Seth Rees at Irene’s Warehouse, April 2010. Mixed/mastered by J. Byron, Nov 2012.

The Siren Sound

World Police and Friendly Fire

It’s great to see fans out there keeping the fire burning! 

Segundo finally arrives in 2013!

It has been 6 long years since Australia’s post rock pioneers The boats released their now cult album ‘Los Musicos Perdidos’ in 2007 and it will have also been 6 years by the time their long awaited second album ‘Segundo’ is finally released in 2013. Band member and music producer Jona Byron began mixing the band’s monster album in Melbourne back in 2008, however the band felt it wasn’t up to standard and shelved it. However Byron continued to mix, edit and add overdubs over the following years on and off and finally began remixing the album while living in Berlin during mid 2012 and now the record is being finished in Melbourne. It seems pretty insane that fans need to wait so long between albums especially when other recordings have been made in between, but sometimes life takes all kinds of twists and turns, and so is often the nature of the boats. 

The band went into a studio in South Melbourne in the stinking hot summer of Dec 2006 / Jan 2007 to record over 10 tracks of loud, intense and emotive music as a follow up to their debut record. The sophomore album captures a much more dynamic band who were feeling less ‘Olinda hills peace’ and more urban angst! It comes through in the music…darker and more intense. 

Segundo will be released in early 2013, possibly with a split 7”. 

The Astronaut

The Astronaut

The boats track ‘The Astronaut’ pays homage to the very first cosmic explorers on earth. 

'The Astronaut' was an untitled lost song for a few years, originally recorded in January 2007 as part of the boats 'Segundo' sessions, however the track did not fit with the mood of the other existing album material and so it was scrapped. In 2010 it has been beautifully revived with new overdubs and a new mix by band member and producer Jona Byron and thus given a new dimension. It is a dense track, complete with electronic sounds and electric piano, and the signature guitar sounds that is the boats. Possibly more experimental in it's production, yet not too far removed from 'Seize The Stars and Turn Them To Cinders' from the up and coming 'Segundo' album. Just as band member Nick Conolly had a heavy production hand in the debut album 'Los Musicos Perdidos', Byron takes production and mixing control with the boats latest offerings. This gives each boats album a unique sound as the band continue to evolve and explore the outer reaches of instrumental post rock and improvisation. 

'The Astronaut' is now available as part of volume 15 of The Silent Ballet Compilation Series, released digitally through Lost Children Netlabel, and available for free download to all Silent Ballet readers via and The Silent Ballet digital series aims to promote various types of musicians, bringing together what SB consider to be some of the more exciting and interesting acts on the instrumental/experimental scene. To download the The Silent Ballet: Volume XIV including the new boats track visit